Online Income Tax Options during COVID-19

Masks are no longer required in our office. We are open for in person meetings but also offer personal income tax services with no need to visit our office. The following options are available.

Note that we are not taking new personal income tax accounts at this time. We are focused on providing monthly accounting services to our small business and farmer customers.

  • We use an online software called Microsoft Teams for online meetings where we can share computer screens and share files as needed. You are given access to your own secure portal to upload your documents to us prior to our meeting. Start by choosing a meeting time here
  • If a computer screen share is not needed you can also choose to simply request access to your secure portal to send us your documents and we will contact you once your return is started to go through any questions and to complete your return.
  • Another option is to send all documents to us using the secure messaging app like Whatsapp or Telegram. Contact us for details if you are new to using these apps.

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